What to Look for in a Home Health Care Aide

The signs are there: your senior loved one is having difficulty with everyday tasks. Meals are missed, the house isn’t clean, medicines are forgotten, and they may even be staying in bed for most of the day. If this is the situation with your senior, hiring a home health care aide might be the right … Continue reading “What to Look for in a Home Health Care Aide”

How To Take The Keys Away From Your Senior

At some point you will begin to notice that your mom, dad or elderly loved one should no longer be driving. It’s not because they have reached a certain advanced age or esteemed life plateau. (After all, there are seniors who drive safely well into their 80s and 90s.) It is because you have started … Continue reading “How To Take The Keys Away From Your Senior”

Common Misconceptions About Medicaid

We all do research on the internet and can obtain useful information that way.However, when it comes to a complex topic like Medicaid, it is not advisable to proceed without expert advice. The internet is packed with generic advice that may not apply to your situation. In addition, sometimes the advice is simply bad advice … Continue reading “Common Misconceptions About Medicaid”

What Should I Do With My Estate Planning Documents

You spent a significant amount of time and money to have your estate planning documents drawn up by your attorney. You now have the peace of mind of knowing that you took care of things and have protected yourself and your family in the event of illness, disability or death. However, there is another thing … Continue reading “What Should I Do With My Estate Planning Documents”

Free Clinic to Help Veterans Apply for Long-Term Care

Pfeifer Law, PLLC is initiating a new program to help veterans who have sacrificed so much. On Saturday, May 23, 2015, Pfeifer Law, PLLC will hold a clinic to help veterans and their spouses who qualify fill out application forms for Aid and Attendance. If you know a veteran who needs long-term care (home care, assisted living … Continue reading “Free Clinic to Help Veterans Apply for Long-Term Care”

Attorney Pfeifer to Present at ADRC Education Conference and Expo

Michael L. Pfeifer, Esq. will be one of the attorney presenters at the Annual Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center (ADRC) Education Conference and Expo on March 26, 2015. The conference and expo will be held at the Melville Marriott. The topic will be Planning for Long-Term Care Through the Various Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease – Saving … Continue reading “Attorney Pfeifer to Present at ADRC Education Conference and Expo”

Important Alert for Home Care Medicaid Recipients in 2015

Over 100,000 New Yorkers who receive both Medicare and Medicaid will receive an important, time-sensitive letter from the New York State Department of Health that can have a huge impact on their medical care. This letter is being sent to individuals who receive Medicaid and Medicare under a Managed Long Term Care program (“MLTC”). The … Continue reading “Important Alert for Home Care Medicaid Recipients in 2015”

Nursing Home Rating System for Medicare Misleading?

With the growth of the internet and consumer-based reviews, we are constantly looking for the inside opinion on nearly every service we use. Whether it be the latest Hollywood movie to hit the screen or a new restaurant that opened down the street, we will quickly jump on board when we see the five-star rating. … Continue reading “Nursing Home Rating System for Medicare Misleading?”

Understanding Different Types of Trusts

When it comes to crafting a trust that addresses your financial and familial needs and goals, it is best to understand the variety of options available to you. To begin, there are two basic categories of trusts: testamentary and inter vivos. A testamentary trust is the basic one created by your will, which does not … Continue reading “Understanding Different Types of Trusts”