Attorney Pfeifer to Present at ADRC Education Conference and Expo

Michael L. Pfeifer, Esq. will be one of the attorney presenters at the Annual Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center (ADRC) Education Conference and Expo on March 26, 2015. The conference and expo will be held at the Melville Marriott. The topic will be Planning for Long-Term Care Through the Various Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease – Saving … Continue reading “Attorney Pfeifer to Present at ADRC Education Conference and Expo”

Important Alert for Home Care Medicaid Recipients in 2015

Over 100,000 New Yorkers who receive both Medicare and Medicaid will receive an important, time-sensitive letter from the New York State Department of Health that can have a huge impact on their medical care. This letter is being sent to individuals who receive Medicaid and Medicare under a Managed Long Term Care program (“MLTC”). The … Continue reading “Important Alert for Home Care Medicaid Recipients in 2015”

Nursing Home Rating System for Medicare Misleading?

With the growth of the internet and consumer-based reviews, we are constantly looking for the inside opinion on nearly every service we use. Whether it be the latest Hollywood movie to hit the screen or a new restaurant that opened down the street, we will quickly jump on board when we see the five-star rating. … Continue reading “Nursing Home Rating System for Medicare Misleading?”

Understanding Different Types of Trusts

When it comes to crafting a trust that addresses your financial and familial needs and goals, it is best to understand the variety of options available to you. To begin, there are two basic categories of trusts: testamentary and inter vivos. A testamentary trust is the basic one created by your will, which does not … Continue reading “Understanding Different Types of Trusts”

What You Need to Know for Medicare Enrollment

The open enrollment period for Medicare started on October 15 and will run until December 7. That means its time for you to start assessing your plan and determining whether or not it met your healthcare goals. If it hasn’t provided all the coverage you’d hope for, it may be time to make an adjustment. … Continue reading “What You Need to Know for Medicare Enrollment”

Medicaid Counts Annual Exclusion Gifts

Medicaid is a social program that is designed to pay for an individual’s long-term care when they no longer have any financial savings. Many people will try and work their financial planning so that they do not have to extinguish their money before eligibility kicks in. There is a common misconception that individuals will be … Continue reading “Medicaid Counts Annual Exclusion Gifts”

Can a Person with Dementia Sign a Will?

Dementia is a medical complication that plagues millions of people across the United States. Many of the individuals affected by dementia are senior citizens. However, many of these older individuals have not set up a proper estate plan prior to symptoms occurring. This could mean that there is no direction for the court if a … Continue reading “Can a Person with Dementia Sign a Will?”

Important Court Decisions Regarding Medicaid Planning

There has been an important change in the law that may affect your Medicaid planning. An important part of Medicaid planning is gifting assets from the Medicaid applicant/recipient to other individuals or to a trust. However, we must always be mindful that such transfers will cause a penalty period with regard to nursing home Medicaid … Continue reading “Important Court Decisions Regarding Medicaid Planning”