Who Will Make Your Healthcare Decisions

By Guest Blogger, Nicole Christensen. “We have to talk” can bring dread to many (especially spouses or partners). We also know talking brings joy, understanding and peace of mind. The Spring season brings family and friends closer together. So let’s take this season to talk about what happens if we get really sick and can’t … Continue reading “Who Will Make Your Healthcare Decisions”

Why You Should Consider Long-Term Care or Medicaid Planning Now

Long-term care costs on Long Island are ruinous for a middle-class family. Nursing home costs are north of $150,000 a year and 24/7 home care could cost you over $118,000 year. We are seeing increasing challenges with respect to obtaining Medicaid for our clients.  Medicaid applications are subject to heightened scrutiny. New York State has … Continue reading “Why You Should Consider Long-Term Care or Medicaid Planning Now”


We have found that very often when a family member becomes mentally incapacitated or passes away, the family is in the dark about his or her affairs.  Therefore, we recommend that everyone draft a letter of instructions to supplement their estate planning documents.  The following people should be informed where your letter of instructions and … Continue reading “LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS TO YOUR EXECUTOR AND AGENTS ON YOUR POWER OF ATTORNEY”

Seniors and Driving: Effects on Social Isolation and Health

A recent study has found that elderly drivers who stop driving and lack transportation risk becoming socially isolated, which can lead to a decline in their physical and mental health. The study was performed by Teja Pristavec, a sociology researcher at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. The study was published online in May 2016 … Continue reading “Seniors and Driving: Effects on Social Isolation and Health”

Can Someone Who Has Dementia Sign Legal Documents?

Maybe. In order to sign legal documents in New York, the individual must have legal capacity. Being able to sign one’s name is not sufficient to have legal capacity. The person must understand the document that he or she is signing. As you will see below, different documents have different criteria for the determination of … Continue reading “Can Someone Who Has Dementia Sign Legal Documents?”

Reducing Medicaid Home Care Hours Hurts Seniors

In New York State, there are various Medicaid programs that provide home care. The Medicaid application process for home care used to be much simpler than it is today. One would simply apply for Medicaid with the local Medicaid agency and the Medicaid agency would determine financial eligibility and what services would be received. However, … Continue reading “Reducing Medicaid Home Care Hours Hurts Seniors”

Making Sure Your Power of Attorney Works for You

A power of attorney is a very powerful document that can work either for or against your interests. Unfortunately, the general public and attorneys alike sometimes do not put enough thought into these documents that many consider to be “simple” and easy to draft. On September 1, 2009, a new power of attorney form was … Continue reading “Making Sure Your Power of Attorney Works for You”


Everyone has heard of the 5-year lookback rule for Medicaid.  Some people think that the lookback period is 7 years; some think it is 10 years.  It is actually 5 years under present law.  Regardless of the actual lookback period, one thing is certain: even if you are on the threshold of needing Medicaid, there … Continue reading “MEDICAID AND THE 5-YEAR LOOKBACK RULE”